Thursday, December 04, 2008

craftastic weekend

This is one busy little midwest weekend in the craft arena. Typically there are several good shows spread out over the few weeks during Thanksgiving and early December. For some reason this year, all the shows are happening the same weekend. As a vendor I had to make a choice as to which show to apply to and participate in. I was really looking forward to applying to the No Coast show in Minneapolis as I have never been there and I hear it is a great show but the distance and schedule just didn't work for me. I love Renegade in the city but I didn't think I could give up 2 full days with a toddler to contend with. So we are making our annual trek up to Madison for the Craftacular because 1. we love Madison (the food co-op, Roman Candle pizza, Naomi & Emily etc), 2. any excuse to get out of town and stay in a hotel is super fun, 3. the show is only one day this year which is easier w/ the baby, and 4. we always do really well at this show.
Thankfully we will have some Chicago presence as the Holiday DEPART-ment is also this weekend. For that show we just drop off our work (Russ did that tonight) and then pick it up Sunday night).

So this is what our little craft schedule is:
Thursday (tonight): Drop off work at DEPART-ment show in the city.
Friday: Drive to Madison after Russ gets out of work.
Saturday: Craftacular in Madison 10-6pm. Drive back to Chicago after show.
Sunday: Attend Renegade as a shopper (this will be my first time as a shopper!). Then head over to DEPART-ment for end of show shopping and to pick up any unsold merch.

Ahhh, it's a crafters life for me. It will be interesting to see how the new cards go over. I also wonder how the little one will be. He is 13 months old and has already done a bunch of shows (all before he was walking). It will be interesting to see how he behaves since he is used to running around all day. I have a feeling Saturday will be a VERY LONG day.