Wednesday, December 27, 2006

holiday hustle

I just feel terrible that I have neglected posting anything in so long. As you can imagine, the holidays are super crazy and we have been ultra busy. In addition to getting holiday cards together, going to craft fairs, and also trying to find time to have a little fun, it is also the busy time for weddings and special events. We are up to our eyeballs in orders for spring events. Right now we are working on a really cool invite suite for a Bar Mitzvah, including this super funky map, a separate kid's invite and some other fun stuff. I have been really excited to work on these but they have also been a lot of work. There are also these really lovely invitation booklets that were designed by the bride. I will definitely post photos of these when we are done. Then there is a Frida Kahlo-meets-Spain inspired invite for this couple in Montreal, a rustic western save the date for a couple getting married in North Dakota, some funky retro save the dates for a couple in NYC and the list goes on and on.
Also in the mix, we were asked to create a special item that will be featured in Best Life magazine out on newsstands mid-January. I was at the Target the other day and saw a current issue so at least I know there will be pretty decent circulation. Just as long as we aren't inundated with too many orders. (Keep in mind, Paper Stories exists primarily from the sweat and tears of one full time person and the part-time help from someone else).

We have also created some new cards that will be part of the January design*sponge shop. This has been very exciting but also very nerve-wracking. The d*s audience is pretty large and also pretty design savvy so I must admit there is a little bit of nail biting going on as we get closer to the launch date for the shop. Basically we created 3 designs inspired by some vintage embroidery patterns of these rather whimsical birds. Each card is 2 colors and is on the same super soft paper as the 'bittersweet cards'. I love these new cards because they are made to look like they were stitched on and since the paper is 100% cotton (tree free too!) they feel like fabric. Perhaps I will post a little sneak peak after I photograph them today or tomorrow. The cards will be sold as a set of 6 so you basically get 2 sets of each of the 3 designs. So you can send one copy and frame the other.

Well one of the Paper Stories resolutions will be to post here more often and to include photos of some of the things we are working on. Since we are also still a young company, it might also be nice to add occasional stories and advice about things we have learned along the way and are still figuring out.

I will leave everyone with a photograph by an amazing Japanese photographer named Tokihiro Sato. He creates these photographs using an open shutter and bouncing light from little mirrors and flashlights. His snow images epitomize everything that I love about the winter. Enjoy.