Thursday, January 25, 2007

cards for your sweetheart

I have been really hesitant to make Valentines Day cards. I am just not into 'holiday' cards so much and really struggled with the Christmas/Hanukkah cards. Not sure what my aversion is. Well I decided to suck it up and make 2 cards (both available in my Etsy shop). First I made a pretty straightforward card. It is in 2 very slight shades of a pinkish red color and comes with a strawberry pink envelope.

Next I went a more nontraditional route and like this card even more. I was thinking about all those old Rorschach patterns and how it might make an interesting card. Originally this was going to be in black and white as just another everyday card. I decided to juice it up a bit with the red ink.... so now it is perfect for sending to friends and family for V-Day without getting all mushy on them.

I guess I am just not a Hallmark & Kleenex type girl. (If you saw my bittersweet cards, then you would know that!)