Friday, January 12, 2007

our magazine debut

I think I mentioned this before, but we were recently contacted about a little product spotlight in Best Life magazine. It is geared towards middle-aged executive men and is probably why I haven't heard much about it before. (I'm not a man nor much of an executive!) Though I did just see the magazine at Target the other day. Apparently somebody is buying it.

They wanted to know if I could design a letterpress genealogy chart for them. I did and know they will be putting it in the magazine. Yippee. The only disappointing part is that is was originally supposed to go in the February issue but as I am learning in the media world, there is no guarantee. (Last year I was picked from the audience to sing for David Letterman in the 'stump the band' segment and it got cut at the last minute. Total bummer.) Anyway, the article will now be in the April issue which comes out mid March. As soon as I get a copy I will definitely post it here.