Monday, February 25, 2008

studio sneak peek

People keep asking me about my studio so I thought I would show a few images of my home away from home. The space is very small but more than enough space for us. I love this first photo as it has everything I love... my 1200 lb monster of a press is in the reflection of this super old mirror I have mounted on the wall surrounded by lots of wonderful photographs and bits of goodies... vintage maps of Chicago, little typewritten lists, etc. It is just a fun wall to look at and keeps me inspired. (Many of the band photographs were either taken by myself or by one of my super duper friends, Jeff Winterberg) The rest of the photos include little bits of stuff I have collected that also serve double duty.... an old dartboard becomes a great bulletin board, vintage French kitchen tins hold all my letterpress goodies.... and the blue and white tables are actually old science tables salvaged from a local high school.