Monday, May 26, 2008

nss (part two)

So one thing I must say as I go through my photos of the show... the lighting at Javits is not very good at all. I feel terrible posting some of these images as they do not do the work justice. That being said, here are some more images from the show... Tomorrow I will post much of the work from the folks I interviewed.

Smock is a new company run by the folks at Boxcar Press. (They make a large number of the printing plates for all us smaller companies). They have developed a whole line based on a bamboo paper that they are having manufactured just for them. I am super jealous as I have been trying to track down a bamboo paper for a while. Think they will sell me some paper? ;)

More lovely cards from the Screech Owl Design booth

More from the Fugu Fugu Press booth.

Eco postcards from Night Owl Press. I wish the creatures in my backyard looked as cute as theirs.

I found this display at the Pretty Bitter booth to be pretty funny. Perfect for the manly man in your life.

While I was there I ran into an old letterpress friend of mine, designer Andrea Burke. We took classes together forever ago. She was there with a new line of cards. It was super nice to see her again.

Ice cream + letterpress = non-stop YUM from Motormouth Press

Okay, so I apologize for less than stellar photos. I tried to pack lightly and opted for my smaller digital. Next year I will bring my larger SLR for sure. Come back tomorrow for the NSS/Etsy roundup.