Tuesday, June 24, 2008

art house

I had taken some photos recently in our house for a little project and thought I would post them here. They highlight some of the art we have in our little house. We have no large walls in our house and all the little wall space we have is pretty full already. I have always liked things hanging salon style so we started hanging our larger and extra pieces in the stairwell. As we get new pieces, the display grows. Many of the pieces are either made by Russ and myself or our friends from grad school. A few of the pieces we bought.

Here are a few pieces close up. The painted square piece at the top middle is by Cara Ober. The two pieces below Cara's are serigraphs from Scott Saw.

We have tried to put as much art as possible in our son Jackson Calder's room. The first piece I ever bought for Jackson was this letterpress print from Green Chair Press. It fits perfectly in his room.

Our mantle is full of stuff from a vintage globe to some vases from Mexico. Here is another little illustration from Russ Horvath (my hubby). Not all the art in our house is on the wall. We have frames all over tables and bookshelves. The peony is from our garden and just sits in a bowl of water. (That was my contribution)

My friend Jen Renninger makes these wonderful illustrations and we have a few of them all over the house. This one is in the hallway right outside our bedroom and is the first thing we see when we walk out of our room. We hung it in a really wide black frame and love the contrast against the yellow wall. In the background you can see a little print in the bathroom by comic artist, Steven Weissman

This is a pretty large piece and we have no other walls so at the moment this piece hangs out in our bedroom. It is called 'Sweet Potato Shower Head' and is an original limited edition print by Mark Mothersbaugh (of Devo fame). Part of the piece included this heavy black mat and frame that it is in. It can be a little overwhelming on a wall but for now it looks okay above our black weathered vintage dresser.

We have a few small pieces in our bathroom. This piece was made by our friend Jay Ryan in the early-90's back when he was roommates and bandmates with my husband. If you are familiar with Jay's work it has evolved quite a bit. It is a funny little piece with a group of naked men so it seemed most fitting in the bathroom.

In a corner of our living room we have this beaten up antique table that houses our meager plant collection. Above it is one of my husband's illustration/collages.

What sort of art do you have in your house? Feel free to post links in the comments.