Wednesday, June 04, 2008

my vintage yet modern bar

Several months ago Grace had a little DIY contest at design*sponge. I wasn't among one of the winners but thought I would post my entry here any. Of course I am biased and think my project was overlooked. ;)

I started with a vintage dresser that I had purchased at a thrift store for $18. It had a dark cherry stain and the veneer on the top of the dresser was missing completely.

First I refinished the dresser in a satin black finish. For the top I did a distressed blue-gray color. Then I built a lip around the sides and back so nothing would slide off.

For the wine storage, I measured the second drawer and built a thin box with zig-zag supports. The box is a tight fit but could be removed without damage to the dresser. The zig-zags are where the wine bottles go of course.

The rest of the drawers are perfect for storing anything related to entertaining... candles, tablecloths, place mats etc. It keeps everything neat and tidy and easy to find.

I wanted to keep the middle drawer so I turned it on its side and hung it on the wall above the bar. I decoupaged the inside with some vintage images I printed out. Now I have a perfect shelf for some of the prettier glasses and things. It is hard to tell from the photo, but the drawer pull (which is a decorative ring) hangs down and becomes the perfect place to hang a towel for the bar. Add some little lights and you are good to go.