Thursday, August 21, 2008

decor8 guest post

Hello. If you are joining us for the first time, you may have ended up here after reading my guest post on decor8 today. It was such a treat filling in for Holly and having a chance to give a little inside scoop. Running a business is hard work and having a new baby makes it so much harder. But for all the frustration, I totally love it!

For me what is the most difficult is the scheduling. Trying to stay organized. I do a lot of custom work which requires me to keep on top of whose order needs to go out when and so forth. I try to have good systems for this but could always use suggestions. I loved teaching high school because of the bells. I liked how my day was broken up and how each hour was assigned to a different class or planning period. I joke with my husband about putting in a school bell in the house (along with a time clock).

Jackson is probably the biggest joy as well as the biggest factor in structuring my day. Trying to send out emails during business hours is tricky. It isn't like you can explain to a 10 month old why I need him to occupy himself for a half hour. We try to be very hands on with him, using cloth diapers, making all his baby food from scratch and so it just didn't seem right to bring him to a daycare center all day, at least not at first. However we are starting to talk about daycare and realize that it doesn't make me a neglectful mom if I can't be there every second of the day. Career mom guilt I guess.

As far as mentioning inspiration, the places we visited on our recent trip included: DC/MD, Richmond VA, the Outer Banks in NC, Charlotte NC, Asheville NC and Paducah KY. It was a trip visiting friends and relatives. Here are some more pictures from our trip that didn't make it on to decor8.
Some vintage butter molds as well as the prettiest black and white hen... from Asheville
Fabric from Hancocks of Paducah, and a bridge in KY (I think)
Some vintage goods from an antique store in Asheville I think?