Monday, January 26, 2009


While the market may be shaky, Paper Stories is outgrowing its little 200 sq/ft studio. I have been thinking about expanding for a while and have found the space. It is 1000 square feet of concrete goodness. The space will serve primarily as a studio space but is so big that I have other plans as well that will eventually include a small retail section, a gallery, and even classes. The space is actually in a retail location next to other eco-friendly and artsy shops. I just signed the letter of intent, which is very scary....

The space is long and skinny with two outside doors and LOTS of windows. What light through yonder window breaks, for sure! I haven't signed the lease yet but barring unforseen issues, I will be moving in March 1st. The space does need a little work, from painting over a mural of a lady. (Sorry lady, you gotta go) to installing a bunch of light fixtures to the ceiling sockets.

I would love to hear and decorating suggestions you have. I am hoping to document the moving in process here as it all unfolds.... so keep your fingers crossed for me.

(The pictures were all taken at night so the colors are all off. When I get some daytime pics taken, I will post them here. That is the hubby and the baby in the pictures, checking things out.)