Thursday, October 26, 2006


Every time I see my parents they arrive armed with boxes containing things from my childhood like old clothes, artwork, dolls. Sometimes they find things that were either theirs or my grandparent's from years past, that I might like. Not too long ago, I was given a small set of dishes which I think were from my grandma's house. The small, mismatched set included some really little lime green bowls, some slightly larger green bowls, a few purple bowls and a silver plate. They looked as though there had never been used and still had the original stickers on the bottom as well as the little slips of paper with the 'care for' instructions. The dishes are basically enameled aluminum in these super wonderful, intense colors.

The company hailed from Norway during the 60's. They made bowls, plates, cups, platters and even candlestick holders. Surprisingly, there isn't very much information on the web about them.... There are some pieces available on Ebay in all sorts of shapes and sizes for relatively cheap. I would snatch them up when you can.

There are a few Scandinavian sites with images of Emalox on the web, such as this one. And if you know anything about Emalox... please let us know. I just love them.