Thursday, November 02, 2006

puzzle miror

What would you buy if you had $7000 lying around? If this was for a totally frivolous purchase (ie: anything other than bills) then I would have to say this puzzle mirror.
The first time I saw this mirror was a few years back in the lobby of a little boutique hotel, The Hotel Monaco, in Washington D.C. Every night they have a cocktail hour (or two) for quests to come mingle in the lobby and drink all the complimentary wine they desire. I noticed this mirror hanging above the fireplace, set off by the super rich green walls while lounging in a van der Rohe Barcelona Chair. An image, much like the one below, has been etched into my brain for all its boldness, simplicity, yet total decadence. I love it.

And while I am giving raves for this hotel (don't get me started on the rooms!) I must mention that this hotel is owned by the Kimpton Hotel Group and all of their hotels are super funky and just plain gorgeous. I have stayed in several of them all over the place and love each one for their uniqueness. They like to incorporate existing architecture, used superb decor, are totally pet friendly (and even have pet packages) and my favorite... they will bring a cute little, live goldfish in a bowl to keep you company for your stay. At the Monaco, my little goldfish was named Popcorn. How cute!
And if you really want to buy this mirror... go here.