Friday, April 25, 2008

old school

I am pleased to announce that Paper Stories will be part of a wonderful art exhibition at Uppercase Gallery in Calgary. The exhibition is called "Old School" celebrating the aesthetics of early education. (As a former high school teacher who is married to a current high school teacher, I am excited about the subject matter) In a few weeks I will be receiving an "inspiration packet" containing all sorts of vintage ephemera such as flash cards, film strips etc... to help inspire a piece for the show. Janine Vangool, Uppercase owner, also has plans to document and publish the exhibition in a book. The exhibition opens August 23rd and I will post more information as the date approaches. What I am actually most excited about is that I will be featured in the same exhibition as Ray Fenwick. He is just the most wonderful illustrator. I am not sure who else is participating but just knowing that he is in there, I can only imagine. Now I am starting to feel nervous about the whole thing.