Monday, May 05, 2008

poppytalk handmade

From May 12 through June 6th you can find us over at poppytalk handmade, a virtual craft fair of sorts created by the lovely Jan and Earl of poppytalk fame. we are excited to debut some of our newest cards which so far, have only been available at the most recent Chicago Depart-ment show. (most of them sold out at the show... exciting).

This particular month will feature paper goods makers in celebration of the annual National Stationery Show in NYC. It is the place to be every year for anyone even slightly interested in selling stationery products. This year I will be attending as press for Etsy for an article I am writing for them. If you sell cards or want to sell cards and have never been, I encourage you to go to the show next year. Note, it is a trade only event so you must prove that you are in the industry.