Sunday, July 06, 2008

old school

So I think I finished my piece for the Old School exhibition I am in. I might tinker with it a bit more but here is a preview.

Basically I collaged some old education related ephemera onto some nice cotton stock, letterpressed some images of school buildings, alphabets, bikes and other things onto the surfaces then added in with some pencil, pen, and whiteout. The pieces are mounted onto cradled hardboards and are about an inch thick. They look nice this way and don't need a frame.

I think the thing I feel the worst about is that I cut up some pretty old documents such as the Library Certificate from 1911 and the little green bit in the top left pieces is from 1878. Yikes. For art's sake right?

These four little squares were actually from several different printings. Originally everything was printed onto one piece but I decided to separate the images and mix them up. I do have a few of the original larger pieces as well as some smaller ones and plan to put them up in my Etsy shop soon, unmounted.