Thursday, October 16, 2008

nerd love

Sorry for the long delay. We have been so busy with a zillion jobs from business cards to birth announcements and so much more. We are also printing some new cards that were designed for us by a wonderful illustrator named Angela Navarra. We can't wait to get those photographed so you can see. We do have some recently printed cards that we can share and I am sure you will agree that they are oh so cute and clever. (Okay, so we are a little biased.)

This new little set of cards (there is actually a 4th that we haven't finished printing yet) is from the "Nerd Love" Collection and feature all sorts of geeky romantic sayings. The "You & I Are Chemistry" card utilizes elements from the Periodic Table. "Lets Bond" gets right to the point with an image of a covalent bond. We know what the compound is, but we are keeping it a secret. (But if you know, you will score high points with us). Lastly we have the "I'm Attracted To You" card which is pretty obvious in its intent.So if you have someone special who appreciates a little sentimental geekery, then head over to our Etsy shop and pick yourself up one of these letterpress lovelies. (All three of these cards are letterpressed in 2 colors onto a nice, thick 100% cotton rag with a coordinating gravel colored envelope.)