Monday, November 03, 2008

blog alert

I have been meaning to post about this fairly new blog, for quite some time now. The loveliest designer Fiona Richards has a terrific new blog called Cafe Cartolina. The blog is appropriately named after her card company, Cartolina Cards. Not only are her cards absolutely gorgeous and some of my personal favorites, but her blog is a daily read of mine.

Fiona first entered the world of blogging after a week of guest posts on Poppytalk and shortly afterwards, started her own blog. In just over three months she has amassed over 200 posts that are inspirational and visually stunning. I think the thing I appreciate the most about Fiona's posts are that they don't seem to regurgitate the same posts that simultaneously appear on many design blogs, but rather she follows her own interests, opening us up to a whole new world.

Check it out... she rocks!