Tuesday, January 06, 2009

fresh start

Since it is a new year and my last post was less than happy, I want to start fresh for 2009. I have got a lot coming up this year including my debut at the National Stationery Show. I plan to do a series of posts as I go through the process of getting ready for the show. Of course my debut couldn't come at a worse time for the economy so we will see how that goes.

I am also in the midst of looking for a new studio space. Actually I have a space all picked out but would probably need to share it. I am hoping to turn it into a studio/retail/gallery space. So if you know of anyone in the N.W. burbs of Chicago that may be interested, send them my way.

On another real estate related front, we just put our house up for sale. We don't need to move but would really like to get into a slightly bigger space and actually have a few houses on our wish list. Right now we are just outside the city (Chicago) and are just a quick drive or train ride away. The biggest thing I LOVE about our house is our huge backyard. I will miss it indeed. The area we want to move to is pretty great as well. It is further away from the city but is part of a conservation community that has its own organic farm (can you say baby chicks!) , 10 miles of walking trails and an incredible charter school. There was a little bit of an inside sneak peek from this earlier post. So if anyone out there is in the mood for an adorable home just outside the city, give me a hollar. I am dying to get closer to those chickens. ;)